No one cares about your Halo 3 armor, idiot.

I had a brief but important confrontation with member, Wounded Stone concerning his topic I linked to above.  Topic in question:  "Spartan Helmet Personality Profile".  In this topic, Wounded Stone makes it his duty to classify Halo 3 players positively or negatively based on the type of armor a member uses when playing over Xbox Live.
Wounded Stone, you judgemental prick, none of what you say is true and you need to be put in your place.  You’ve got some nerve, pal.
In Halo 3, you unlock pieces of armor for your Spartan or Elite character by satisfying certain conditions.  You can edit what kind of Helmet, shoulder parts, and the chest armor they wear, and some armor pieces are harder to obtain than others.  These pieces of armor are purely cosmetic and offer no gameplay enhancements of hindrances.
Wounded Stone sees fit to judge people who wear Hayabusa (samurai) helmets and ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Trooper) helmets in multiplayer battles.  What’s the problem?  Well, to unlock the Hayabusa armor, you have to collect all 13 Skulls (hidden objects that unlock cheats that can make Campaign mode harder when they’re activated).  The general problem is that when Halo 3 first came out and people started unlocking the helmet, people were flaunting their armor online as if they the greatest players ever and because they feel the armor is the coolest thing ever.  To get the ODST helmet, you have to enter the Basic Training playlist in Matchmaking and play 10 matches to unlock it.
This fool at believes that those who unlock the Hayabusa helmet are arrogant and they think they’re toughguys for doing something most of the Halo 3 community can easily do too.  The problem is, not everyone who wears the Hayabusa helmet shoots their mouths off.  Wounded Stone is judging everyone who wears the Hayabusa helmet for the actions a few people did when the game first came out.  He also accuses ODST users of being "less skilled" because the helmet requires minimal effort to unlock, so everyone who does so and chooses to wear the helmet online must be as dumb as a brick.
If you clicked that link, you’ll see a description for all 10 helmets that are unlockable in Halo 3, and each one has it’s own stereotype listed (corrisponding shoulder and body armor parts allegedly enhance the stereotype for the helmet they go with).  Here are my stereotypes based on the armor I personally wear.
Helmet:  HayabusaWannabee’s. (No offense) They try to act tough, and play a mean game, but you can tell they dont really know what they are talking about. They like Halo, but are quick to flame BUNGIE for things going wrong that are THEIR OWN fault.
Shoulder:  CQB – "Generally friendly and considerate.  (I proudly count myself among the CQB)"
Body:  EVA"Generally quite knowledgable. I have observed not a few EVA’s who seem to have a rational, logical answer for most problems. They seem to have insider information and can give you very easy to understand, insightfull answers to your questions."
First of all, I find it great that he clasifies himself within the nicest group he stereotyped despite being an asshole in stereotyping everyone else harshly.  Now, his description of Hayabusa wearers does not fit me.  Why?  Because I don’t go around claiming to be the greatest person ever for unlocking it.  I wear it because the last Skull I needed to collect to unlock the helmet was one of the hardest things I ever did because the level it’s in is so stressful on me, and I wear the helmet as a proud reminder to MYSELF that I did something I never thought I’d ever be able to do.  I know a lot of Halo 3 players found getting the 13 Skulls to be easy as pie, but for me that last one wasn’t, and last time I checked, no one matters to me but ME.  That’s why I wear Hayabusa armor.
I wear CQB shoulders because out of all the shoulder parts I unlocked, they show off my multiplayer Emblem the best.  That’s all.  I am a friendly and considerate person, IF I get respect from my fellow players back.  But that’s not why I wear the CQB shoulders, which means I don’t fit that stereotype either.
Lastly, I wear the EVA body armor.  Why?  For no reason.  It’s just my choice.  I live in America, and last time I checked, I was allowed to wear whatever armor I wanted in Halo 3 because the Bill of Rights protects my right to wear the EVA body armor.  I don’t wear it to fit the stereotype, because I’m not a bright guy.  I’m not the know-it-all stereotype Wounded Stone says EVA wearers are.
You know what what stereotypes he listed that I DO fall into?  The Mark VI and ODST descriptions.  Even though I don’t wear Mark VI or ODST parts.  Mark VI users, according to Wounded Stone, Mari IV users "just play to play".  I play Halo 3 because I want to play it.  I don’t care if I win, and I don’t care if I lose.  I don’t complain if I fairly lose a match, I keep playing just to play the game.  ODST users, according to Wounded Stone, it’s wearers are, quote-unquote "juvenille".  Well, if I’m juvieille, why am I not the one who’s classifying groups of people just because they don’t play the way you play?  Kiss my ass Wounded Stone.
One last thing.  I’ve been noticing most, not all, but most people who were given Recon body armor from Bungie themselves (the only way to earn it is to impress Bungie enough for them to give it to you, otherwise, it’s exclusive to Bungie employees) go around rubbing it in people’s faces.  I’d like to point out that other than the Recon helmet, which has flames around it and is also exclusive to Bungie employees, Recon body armor has nothing special about it, yet Recon body armors wearers think we’re pieces of **** because we don’t have their armor.  I have a special message for these people:
WHO THE HELL CARES?  Who the hell cares if you got your nose dirty (I.e. kissed ass) to get Recon armor?  You accidentially suicide yourself in a match in an impressive way, or create a video using Halo 3’s multiplayer to earn Recon armor, and suddenly you think you’re bad ****?  Kindly shove off.  Recon body armor has no outstanding features on it that makes it stand out from any other piece of body armor.  If you wear that armor and move around, your chest armor looks no different from the default Mark VI armor.  If it doesn’t have any distinguishing features about it, who the hell cares?  You’re impressing no one, dickhead.  Chest armor is the least cosmetic piece of armor you can edit.  End of story.
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